My name is Fiona McAllister. I have a Bachelor of Business Studies in Marketing Communications and Communication Management (Massey University) and a Diploma in Proofreading and Editing (NZIBS).

Using a freelancer enables you to utilise the skills of a qualified proofreader on specific projects as required. It’s a role you may not require on a fulltime basis so having someone on call saves money. While your business may have employees in-house that are capable of this role, they may not always be in a position to meet your deadline (due to the demands of their primary role). Employing a freelance proofreader can result in a more timely delivery of a project. In addition an outsider may be more likely to spot mistakes or identify jargon that requires clarification for a wider audience.

To maintain a professional image, it is critical that your business delivers accurate communications whether that is through advertising (regardless of media), and in your web content, printed brochures, flyers or newsletters. Typos, spelling mistakes, bad grammar or poorly worded content can mean the difference between winning and losing clients, or failing to retain the ones you have – it gives the impression of a lack of attention to detail.

On a personal level, you may need a proofreader to check important documents you write. These could be articles, academic writing (essays, assignments, theses), books, letters, job applications, your CV, memoirs, reports, wedding or party invitations. I can proofread almost anything! Words are my thing.

I can also help with written content for your web site, advertising, cover letter etc.

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